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Diva and Boy: A devoted black-footed cat mother and her kitten

Diva and Boy: A devoted black-footed cat mother and her kitten

Wild Cats World & Wild Cats Films present a new video:

WCW female black-footed cat ambassador Diva, a devoted mom to her (and our male Blacky’s) kitten Boy.
Footage dating January 2015 as part of the WCW Black-footed Cat Conservation Project. Our ambassadors currently live at Cat Conservation Trust.

Wild Cats Films: ‘Meet the Caracals!!

Wild Cats Films: Caracals!!

In our Spotted Cats Conservation S.A. project the gorgeous couple Lea (DCP) and Leo (WCW) did have a carefully planned litter of two cute and fast growing cubs: sister Nina (WCW) and her brother Thilido (DCP).

Meet this wonderful caracal family as we know many of you were waiting for a video for quite some time….




Spotted Cats Conservation explained

What and who is (behind) Spotted Cats Conservation (SCC) is a question asked almost daily by tourists and volunteers wanting to spend time working with the SCC ambassadors. Here’s once and for all the (hi)story of SCC.

In 2011/2012 Wild Cats World (WCW) was looking for some land and partner project in S.A. to do their (one) captive project, investing a lot to give the best home to their ambassadorcats (starting with the WCW leopard project, leopards are just WCW, not DCP or SCC, as sometimes wrong info is given about this!). To use the name Spotted Cats Conservation was already decided from the start, as many of the catspecies in the project were spotted or at least had some spots (like the caracal on their bellies). It was hard to find the right project in S.A. to work with, mainly as WCW as European founded organisation had different ideas how to do this project, and different intentions, of which not being: breeding and selling, handraising and interaction (apart from caretaker/owner) with the ambassadors.

In 2012 WCW and Daniell Cheetah Project (DCP) were introduced and there was decided to start a cooperation. Even though both orgs kept their own vision and identity, some projects (like a caracal and serval conservation project) were started with a couple of one WCW and one DCP ambassador. The mutual projects are also done under the name Spotted Cats Conservation. WCW is also very grateful to DCP to allow them to do huge investments and conservation projects on their land like the WCW (not DCP or SCC) projects of the leopards, cheetahs, African wildcats, Black-footed cats, apart from the mutual projects for the caracal and serval. The WCW leopards and caracals are also visible (if you are lucky that is, as they are not going to be disturbed) at the daily DCP tours with DCP tourguides. DCP does allow some interaction with their cheetah, caracal and serval ambassadors, whereas no interaction is allowed with the WCW ambassadors (leopards, cheetahs, African wildcats, servals, caracals and black-footed cats). Volunteering at Spotted Cats Conservation means volunteering at both DCP and WCW, to see their different ways of working with and for the cats following their own ideas and vision. WCW doesn’t get profits out of volunteering and tours, it is more an investing org than one to earn money.

One common mission of both orgs is to fight against Canned Hunting, and also no (more) lioncubs will be raised at DCP. The two lions Chuck and Norris (ambassadors against Canned Hunting), are also to be seen up close while visiting or volunteering at SCC. Their rescue was initiated by WCW and a sponsor and new owner was found in Racquel Mong who gave the responsibility of the care to DCP. Volunteering at SCC means staying at the DCP farm (accommodation is by DCP). WCW gives hardworking, dedicated die-hard wildcatfans and caretakers the special offer to assist their permanent caretaker, being responsible for the complete care of the WCW ambassadorcats, in the long-term “volunteering” caretaker offer, staying at befriended places in the nearby town Kirkwood. So Spotted Cats Conservation are the conservationprojects in S.A. for all the mentioned species, some are mutual projects (with mutual ambassadorcats of DCP and WCW) but also conservationprojects of WCW in SA are referred to as Spotted Cats Conservation.

Hopefully this gives you all a better idea of the construction of the two projects and the cooperation in SCC. We hope to meet many of you to either visit or volunteer at SCC, DCP or WCW…..

Find out more about volunteering:

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WCW Leopard Conservation

When Babette de Jonge started her non-profit foundation Wild Cats World in June 2010, she already had her mind set on starting a special leopard project. There are lots of cheetah, tiger and even lion conservationprojects, creating awareness for the bad situation of these species in the wild, but somehow people always seem to have the strange and wrong idea that the leopard numbers are still save. Even though there never really was a leopard census, neither in Africa, nor in Asia. Also leopards are being killed in both countries on a daily basis. In India up till 2011 there were 356 leopards killed in 365 days, but in 2012 these numbers seem to be increasing.


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