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“Javan Leopard Release Program” – newcomer!

What are people doing to these amazing creatures and why we keep on wondering. When this female was brought in she was more dead than alive…..Badly treaten and injured!
In our “Javan Leopard Release Program” there’s a lot of struggle to actually being able to release as different parties are working against each other, even politics. The leopards in the rescue center better not stay too long in order to being able to easily release them again. And for some the time is critical already.
4But now another sad case, a female leopard brought in yesterday at the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center. She was captured in the wild and kept in a small cage after that. The poor leopard is in such a bad state that the wildlife center and our partnerproject Wanicare Foundation aren’t sure she will be able to make it. Only one eye left, no muscles and she was starving.
Now first has to be seen if the meds (antibiotics) are working, and to get her in better condition, but if a release will ever be possible again?


Mission leopardproject ” Other side of the leopard”

To all people who like to work in a different way than I do with WCW, with their educational and conservational projects and purposes, who will judge before knowing or who just envy and therefore judge, just this one time short & clear explanation and message. No one has to agree, but it is not all black and white. Of course I don’t advise people to do what I do just like that…..let that be a warning.

The whole message in what I do and experiment in our leopard project: all once said or claimed as facts about leopards can be taken into consideration. onebighappyfamilyThese are not ordinary cuddle picture I at times share with leopards in our SA project, but this is a human who after long dedication and input, is able to be with a leopard who gives birth, who accepts the presence close of a human and another leopard, with the cubs close…….this is what isn’t advised anyone to do, but to take into consideration that this species needs to be loved and saved as all knowledge that has been spread of the leopard being the most vicious, a-social etc etc cat is just not all true.beautifulcubs

They are not just dangerous, solitary, nocturnal and whatever…..And also in captivity you must not let them be wild and put them in a small cage. In fact (many) zoos, sanctuaries and private projects can learn a lot from this project too. Only frustrated females (and males) are afraid of caretakers and do kill their cubs. To South African projects and some zoos: you don’t have to take cubs away in order to have them get used to humans (or socialize them). Many people are doing this kind of work and trying to give this message with cheetah, lions, tigers…never leopards, so not anyone is going to destroy the one clear message we are sharing…..and apart from that our mutual love and respect!


leopardbirthAnd yes I do it for myself too, as it is so rewarding so see animals like leopards so much at ease in every way, as they are respected and loved but also can live like leopards…not like pets or zoo/circus entertainment. All in my power I have given and will keep on giving to this species, also in the wild. Don’t underestimate that. Thanks!


Babette de Jonge

-Director/founder Wild Cats World-

Happy announcement: Two leopard cubs born at Wild Cats World

Happy announcement: Two leopard cubs born at Wild Cats World

Early Wednesday morning, November 4th, 2015, our dear leopard female Feline gave birth to two gorgeous, dark spotted, cubs. Daddy of the cubs is our male Felipe, who in time will be introduced to his cubs as well as uncle Felix and (surrogate) “sister” Felicia, the other female in our project. Before giving birth Feline was practising on Felicia, caring for her and intensely grooming her.Felinekali

The two cubs are very welcome in our project, as they are an essential part of our leopard conservation & education project, and of our ” experiment”  of keeping leopards in a sort of Pride.felinekalichui

Feline is an exceptional mother, and the cubs drink well and are very active. For now peace and quiet for them is most important!

cubsfeline felinebabettejeanette

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WCW Leopard Conservation

When Babette de Jonge started her non-profit foundation Wild Cats World in June 2010, she already had her mind set on starting a special leopard project. There are lots of cheetah, tiger and even lion conservationprojects, creating awareness for the bad situation of these species in the wild, but somehow people always seem to have the strange and wrong idea that the leopard numbers are still save. Even though there never really was a leopard census, neither in Africa, nor in Asia. Also leopards are being killed in both countries on a daily basis. In India up till 2011 there were 356 leopards killed in 365 days, but in 2012 these numbers seem to be increasing.


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