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Up-date WCW projects, August 2016

– Sanctuary/Educationproject/leopard-and blackfooted cat conservationproject S.A.: working on successful continuation to give the cats the best life possible & to create opportunities for wild cat enthusiasts & caretakers (to-be) to be able to see these cats close and work with them for a longer period of time. Working with ambassadors for their species (African wildcats, Black-footed cats, Caracals, Cheetahs, Leopards and Servals) already proved to be very successful.
– New sanctuary in Europe: we were offered to also start a sanctuary in Europe. For now we will freeze this opportunity as all currrent projects take too much of our time and investments as it is. But who knows in the future. for now we want to focus on keeping the wild cats in the wild, so one captive project is enough (hassle).
– Javan Leopard Release Programme – we had a meeting with our associate Willemijn from Wanicare Foundation/Chikananga Wildlife Rescue Center, who showed us the short-term and long-term plans in this essential programme and it looks very promising. The Javan leopard is very endangered, almost extinct, so urgent support is required. We also back up a better situation for the Sunda Clouded leopardcub at the Center. Plans were discussed for that too.
– Pallas Cat Conservation – currently a contract is signed with Lyon Zoo, our associate in this new Conservation Programme. Contact and responsible person of this project is Berengere Desmet, running it i.a.w. Babette de Jonge, for Wild Cats World.
– Canned Hunting -X- Project. By kind invitation of Madame X we paid a visit to the enormous piece of land she offered to the (so far) 8 lions rescued out of Canned Hunting (not by buying them but by negotiating to be more precisely, so a real rescue!) offering them 100 HA and more to live like the wild but protected. It was overwhelming to be able to witness this and we are so grateful for this wonderful person to do this for these lions and to offer us the chance to co-operate with her in this.

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Javan Leopard release program

The Javan leopard is an endemic species to Java and at present classified as critical endangered species on IUCN Red List. Categorized under Appendix I CITES.

The Population estimates are not certain, but certainly less than 250 mature individuals, possibly even less than 100 (IUCN Red List).

That the Javan Leopard is endangered is a result of pet trade, hunting, habitat loss and fragmentation but also a decline of prey makes that the Javan leopards enter villages to find food, which causes leopard-human conflict.

While research has shown the important role of leopards in the ecosystem and biodiversity in the rainforest and their role as top predators, the public in Java is not educated in this. Their lack of knowledge means they perceive the Javan Leopard as a threat and a risk to their wellbeing.

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