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WCW founder/CEO Babette proudly presents the SA caretaker Inge de Groot (to the right) & assisting caretaker/teammember Sarah van Schuerbeeck (to the left), taking good care of the cats during her and partner Anton’s absence.

 Team Wild Cats World 2017

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WCW Leopard Conservation

When Babette de Jonge started her non-profit foundation Wild Cats World in June 2010, she already had her mind set on starting a special leopard project. There are lots of cheetah, tiger and even lion conservationprojects, creating awareness for the bad situation of these species in the wild, but somehow people always seem to have the strange and wrong idea that the leopard numbers are still save. Even though there never really was a leopard census, neither in Africa, nor in Asia. Also leopards are being killed in both countries on a daily basis. In India up till 2011 there were 356 leopards killed in 365 days, but in 2012 these numbers seem to be increasing.


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