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Meet Félipe, the new WCW ambassador for our leopard conservation Project part II in SA. Félipe was born October 1st, 2012 in Hoopstad and he will be the future partner of our female ambassador Feline, who is still enjoying the company of her brother Felix, for whom we hope to find a lovely girlfriend soon too. It will of course take at least another year, maybe longer, to introduce Feline and Felix to their new partners.

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In January 2013 we will start building the new leopard enclosure at our Spotted Cats Conservation Project in SA where we already have projects for leopards, servals, black footed cats, caracals and lions.

Félipe arrived at our friends place on their great wildcats farm Zanchieta, just outside Bloemfontein/SA, and as soon as the permits are there he will be transported to the Eastern Cape where our Spotted Cats Conservation is situated.

Update October 2015: The other side of leopard

Update October 19, 2015: Feline (and Félipe).. happily expecting…

Monday, 19 October 2015, was a very exciting day for all at Wild Cats World and our vet, but also another very important achievement in our leopard project “The other side of the leopard”. Our dear ambassador leopard, Queen Feline, was examined and we decided to have a scan done to know a bit more and check if all is fine…..and yes Feline allowed this, caretakers by her side and a vet (and assistant) she never saw before…..NON sedated! Lots of domestic cats can take her example of behaving so well!!

All excitement grew when…….two heartbeats were visible.

scanfelineThese cubs are most welcome and very important for our project. Of course it is a first litter so we hope all goes well, but for sure Feline will be a wonderful mommy, already practicing her skills on Felicia who allows it. The cubs will be (of course!) mother-raised, and part of the leopard “Pride”-model. Interesting to see how mom Feline reacts to the people she bonds with when she has cubs. We expect no change! Important for the project to see the differences between human-raised (but soon reunited with their kind!) and mother-raised leopards, and above all to show the other side of the leopard again. The species that is so misunderstood, and turns out to be most exceptional and wonderful of all!!

Picture kindly taken by our caretaker Jeanette Leinweber.

Babette de Jonge
Director/Founder Wild Cats World

October 2013: Meet Wild Cats World’s ambassador leopards Feline, Felix, and Félipe in their ‘den’, meaning their night house. They can withdraw whenever they like into their most private space, but they still allow their keepers to come in and sit with them. Here you can see them resting in their den during daytime, and also how well they accept our presence in their most intimate space.


leopards Felix and Félipe

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Black footed cats convervation project

WCW started this conservation project on the DCP farm in Spotted Cats Conservation, with three wild black-footed cats, Beauty, Blacky and Footy. All three cats were injured by traps and could not be released into the wild. They were given a great home as well as the necessary treatment by the vet.
In late 2013 we decided to relocate the cats to the Cat Conservation Trust (CCT) as part of a new working alliance that adds more knowledge and expertise to make the project even more successful. Also, our captive born female Diva could join Blacky & Beauty as a start of a breeding program with this very endangered species.

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