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Javan leopard release program – update July 30

Sad news from our Indonesian partners, Wanicare Foundation, at our Javan Leopard Release Program. A new male leopard was brought in at the Chikananga sanctuary. He was captured in the area of Ciemas, in a conflict with humans. Therefore… he will be named Ciemas. We will provide  more info about this unfortunate leopard as it becomes available.

Ciemas - leopard

We still have leopards Dimas and Sawal,for which we find a suitable place to have them released in the wild, but we are very sad to say the situation for the leopards in Java is getting worse by the minute. No doubt we will keep on fighting for them in all our power. After the finishing touch to the Spotted Cats Conservation (captive) project in South Africa, we will fully concentrate on the Javan Leopard Project and the releases of these leopards as for education and investments.


Javan leopard release program – update July 2014

From our partner in Indonesia in the Javan Leopard release program (wanicare foundation): Up-date leopards Sawal and Dimas.
“Still no positive news to tell about the release of Sawal and Dimas. We are still waiting for news and… results from the camera traps the rangers of Ciremai National Park promised us to locate in the mid area of the national Park. We hope we can release at least 1 of the leopards there, but first we need to be sure this area is suitable for another leopard. The whole release program takes too long and it is very frustrating. Next to the fact that there seem not to be any suitable areas left in Java to release leopards, we are also depending on others like National Parks, Forestry Dept. and investigators which doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. This makes it very complicated for us.

Javan leopard Sawal

Besides that the situation of the Javan leopard in general is still very sad and it only becomes worse. Human conflicts are still continuing and the fact that there are so many human-leopard conflicts in Java the last years, is a sign that there’s not much space left, not much of the natural habitat so this makes it even more difficult to actually release “our” leopards but we will do our utmost to make this happen.

Although the situation for Dimas and Sawal is not ideal, they are both still fine. Last week they got their yearly vaccination and they are in good health, still very wild and shy towards humans. What makes it even harder for a relocation of leopards, as it seemed to be the case in India, the leopards get stressed and more aggressive, esp. to humans, because of a relocation to new and unknown habitat. Not easy to release wild cats back into their natural habitat, but for both Wanicare and Wild Cats World this is the ultimate mission!

We keep you up-dated and thank you all for your support !”

Personal statement to all canned & trophy “hunters”

Click for larger version

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We share this picture not to show off or to encourage everybody to do the same. Leopards are no pets, neither are cheetahs, lions, tigers etc. and in our WCW projects no one is allowed to interact with our ambassadors, to give them a natural life as possible which works. Come and see for yourself!

With this leopardgirl Felicia we have come a long way to get her in good shape and health, and to make her live a leopard-worthy life with lots of natural space and nice leopardfriends who groom her and play with her. She was almost lost to this world, but now she regained health and strength!

This is about a bond we have. Even though it is a private photo, we decided to show this picture to make a statement to all coward canned & trophy hunters, who feel so brave to pose holding a leopard or other big cat in their arms that they have just shot and killed. They feel brave to pose with a dead wild cat, big shame on them. This is posing with a leopard alive and healthy, important ambassador to her species in the wild and no, we don’t feel brave holding her like this, as you can bond with all living beings as long as you respect them. We need to rescue them.

STOP THE LOWSCUMS KILLING THEM!!!! (don’t try to do this yourself though, as it is of course all about a strong bond, not to go to a cuddly place and pay money for interaction, as then you will also support Canned Hunting).

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