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The Wild Cats World “Sponsor Space” Campaign 2015

The Wild Cats World “Sponsor Space” Campaign 2015
If you want to truly show your love for cheetah and/or leopard by contributing to their welfare? Know exactly what you sponsor and what your money is used for? Then maybe you should read on here and find out what our “Sponsor Space” campaign 2015 is all about.
We in Wild Cats World have only the welfare of our ambassadors and their relatives in the wild at heart, we already give them the best that is in our power but of course we want so much more for them. Yet, funding is the only problem that is stopping us here. We would love to keep on expanding size of the enclosures of the leopards and the cheetah camps as fast as possible of course. Of course we know all of you, wild cats enthusiasts, would love to see this happening too and for sure you want to make a contribution, not knowing how, and if your money is spent like you hope it would be. Sadly lots of orgs that are fundraising don’t spend the money directly on the animals or projects, but support human interest with that first of all. Not Wild Cats World.

So….in this “Sponsor Space” campaign, we invite you all who want to really make a difference for our leopard ambassadors Feline, Felix, Felicia and Félipe, or cheetah ambassadors Speedy, Spiky and Sunny (and neighbouring friends), and indirectly for their species, to sponsor more space for them. You can sponsor like say 100 m2 for the leopards, or 0,5 HA for the cheetahs. Used for fencing (and if possible enrichment). The more people join us the more space they will get…no limits to that, but to set a goal what we like to achieve at least: 900 m2 for the leopards (extension to current connected enclosures) and 5 HA (extension to their current huge camps) for the cheetahs. What’s in it for you? You get an exact quote how much your sponsored part will cost, your name will be on the “sponsor fence” of the enclosure/camp you sponsor with exact mention of how much you sponsored as well as on the WCW website and social media pages, you will get a full detailed report at the end about the construction and extension of the camps also (partly) thanks to your contribution, you are welcome any time at our project to see for yourself if we kept word (free entrance & photo opportunity for the sponsors). For the people who really want to sponsor big time, we will offer a free stay for a few days at our project to see what you sponsored and to meet all our ambassadorcats, as well as the Wild Cats World team. All your supportive ideas for enrichment inside the enclosures/camps (as well as the funding for it) are of course welcome too. No limits to this offer for you all to be able to do something constructive for the leopards and/or cheetahs (if successful another campaign will be started in future for the smaller ambassadors in our project).
sponsor place WCWPeople who are genuinely interested in supporting and funding please contact the Wild Cats World Founder/Director, Babette de Jonge, by e-mail: with questions and offers! Madame X offered to sponsor 100 HA for the (rescued) Canned Hunting lions, how far will we all get together???



Best Before (or deadline): 31 December 2015 

Javan Leopard Release Program: Up-date about leopards Dimas, Sawal and Ciemas, June 2015

Our associate in the Javan leopard release program Wanicare Foundation/Cikananga Wildlife Center/Java, finally up-dated us with a bit more positive news.
Not really much news to tell about the 3 leopards (Dimas, Sawal, Ciemas). They are all doing well, active, eating well. At Cikananga Wildlife Reserve they started with the design of the new leopard enclosure. The new enclosures will be an extension of the existing ones. For now they are still trying to find out what is the best way to build it trying to follow the example of the Wild Cats World leopardproject wherever possible, but of course means and space is limited at the wildlife sanctuary on Java compared to the African project.


There is some positive news to tell, although we are still a bit hesitating and afraid to tell, because up till now all plans we had for the release of the leopards didn’t work out the way we planned and hoped!
A week ago an officer from the forestry department came to Cikananga and he wanted to see the leopards and check their condition, because they want us to release leopards in nature reserve Cikepuh! We were very surprised by this, we never heard about this idea and didn’t take it very serious! But a few days later Willemijn (Wanicare Foundation) got an email from Erwin (he helped us before with habitat assessments and surveys for the release of the three wild leopards). He was contacted by the forestry department because they wanted to release the leopards there! They asked Erwin to help us with doing research in Cikapuh. Erwin explained the whole plan. Last Thursday a meeting was arranged with Erwin and the forestry department. The forestry department apparantly found a sponsor who will help with funding this program. This is of course great news, but in our opinion the forestry department is thinking a bit to easy about this whole release in Cikepuh! We have know idea if this area is really suitable for leopards, if there are already leopards (the forestry department thinks there are), if there’s enough prey etc.

So before we can start with making a budget and planning a release we have to start first with habitat assessment, find out if there is already a existing leopard population, if yes is there still space for one of our leopards, but also we have to see if there’s enough prey. On the 6th of June our associates at Cikananga/Wanicare will go to Cikepuh for 3 days, in the first place to gather further information, talk with the villagers around Cikepuh and see how the area is.

Also to make a good survey and assessment plan it is important to see the area first. After this visit we will make a planning for the habitat survey. Lets hope this time it will all work out well! In the meantime funds for research and construction of better enclosures (to give a better even though temporary home to the conflict-leopards coming in) at the sanctuary are still welcome. At least there’s a bit more light in the darkness now for the leopards, and our mission still going strong. We keep you all up-dated.

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