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Canned Hunting -X- Project (update June 2016)

Recently we were so fortunate to meet up with our associate Madame X and to see what an extremely wonderful life the 8 lions, rescued out of the ugly Canned Hunting Business, are having now. So we once again like to express our heartfelt feelings of gratitude and respect to this lady, who doesn’t want any mention or credits herself, but she is there just for the lions. What an honor that out of all organisations she felt most connected to us at Wild Cats World to support her in her plight, aiming to give these lions the life they deserve. Wild but protected. Note: these lions are not bought from canned hunting breeders, (always helps to be a celeb with influence)

Wish there were more people like her………..

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Volunteering in Cikananga with Wanicare

Our associates (in the Javan Leopard Release Programme) on Java/Indonesia also badly need volunteers. We can recommend this strongly, as they rescue and release so many wild animals, we have to give them as much support as possible. Read on and join them whenever you can.

Up-date Javan Leopard Release programme

Next week we will have another meeting with Willemijn from Wanicare Foundation/Chikananga Wildlife Rescue Center (see photo) about our association in the Javan Leopard Release Programme. Due to a lack of funds and time there wasn’t much progress in this programme. The surviving leopards at the Wildlife Center are doing fine.

A new strategy, a new plan how to make it work is a fact now, so a fresh start to the leopard programme. This will a.o. include new habitat surveys and assessments, translocation of (conflict) leopards, husbandry, new enclosure for the leopards that have to be (temporarily) kept at the Rescue Center and some serious fundraising.

Also a suitable person was found and will be hired to help out with the leopard programme and esp. with jobs like surveys and assessment, who can also communicate with the government and will update the leopard platform and push them to take action. Not completely sure this person will take the job, but things look positive.

A big thank you goes out to Helmut of “Fans for Nature Conservation” for raising funds for the new leopard enclosures and he is still working on it to get more in. So pretty good news and hopefully this will all turn out positively. Aim is now to be able to give a better (temporarily) home to the leopards, so that they won’t end up in a zoo, and the mission still is to be able to successfully release the leopards back to where they belong: the wild!
Soon more news!!

R.I.P. dear (serval) Mick

Today (14/06/2016) we sadly had to let our male serval Mick go. Yesterday he was diagnosed kidney failure. The vet gave a drip with fluids to see if he would start eating/drinking again, but sadly no. As we don’t want any (unnecessary) suffering for any of our ambassadors we had only one option…..His friend, female Joy is very sad….and stressed (she knew before us something was very wrong). A new friend (male serval Norrick) will be arriving shortly for her as we don’t want her to be miserable and alone too long. The sad part of the care for animals.
“Mick was born at Honingkranz (Karoo Cat Research i.a.w. Cat Conservation Trust) 19 February 2013 as the last born in a litter of four kittens, which is exceptionally large for a serval mother, especially for a first-time mom. As he was a bit behind to the other kittens he got special care, until his mom was able to do the care again. As Mick couldn’t be released in the wild he moved to us last year June, as friend for our Joy”


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Featured Project

Black Footed Cats Conservation Project

WCW started this conservation project on the DCP farm in Spotted Cats Conservation, with three wild black-footed cats, Beauty, Blacky and Footy. All three cats were injured by traps and could not be released into the wild. They were given a great home as well as the necessary treatment by the vet.

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