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Have a Blessed Christmas & a healthy, peaceful 2017!!!!

With Christmas and the New Year within our reach again, a word of gratitude and hope is essential and very welcome too. Looking back and looking ahead…..
First of all we like to send a huge thanks from the bottom of our hearts, to all our true supporters, sponsors, volunteers, (assisting) caretakers, (symbolic) adoption parents…friends and family…who through good and bad times are there and have faith in what we do, loving our ambassadorcats of all species (see mentioned below) with all their hearts. Without you all, it would be far more difficult and above all far less fun to keep the fight for the wild cats going, in natural habitat, in our one captive project (sanctuary/conservation project) and in all other projects undertaken with our foundation Wild Cats World.
2016 was a year of mixed feelings again. There’s always the great sorrow to hear how many wild cats and other wildlife are endangered and killed (for fun and greed), and how few there are left. The sabotaging of forest departments and nature orgs, making it almost impossible to do good for the cats (esp. as for releasing and free ranging projects….) in both Indonesia (Java) but also in South Africa.
In small there’s also the usual hassles at the sanctuary/conservation project in South Africa. People wanting to make it difficult for us, or criticising without knowing what you are actually doing. So not helping but obstructing the best care and future for the cats we love and respect so much.
But there were meetings with new great people, private game reserves, (assisting) caretakers, volunteers……which gives hope for the future, hope for the New Year.
There were some essential births, which also gave ourselves joy and heartache. Some were successful like with leopard Felicia, African wildcat Louise and in some, no matter how great the first time mommies were, sadly no survivors, as for serval Joy and caracal Nina.
But new hope on the horizon, first of all for Joy, who will soon have another chance and we feel convinced signs are better now.
There were sad losses in 2016, like in every year. Apart from the few new borns, also serval Mick and black-footed cat female Beauty, both to kidney failure. It was so sad having to let them go. R.I.P to our two darlings, who will never be forgotten.
Apart from losses also a few great new additions: serval male Norrick and black-footed cats Lilly and Spotty. And of course the new-born survivors Solo (leopard), Stars & Stripes (African wildcats).

With new energy, new hope and lots new projects in mind we can only look ahead to the future of Wild Cats World with hope, joy and confidence. But even more so, heartache and sorrow for the relatives in the wild, who struggle every year more to survive, and with all the wars, politics and people going mad out there……

A big thank you and we hope we can count on your support again in 2017 and the coming years!!!!

Warm wishes
Babette de Jonge (founder/CEO)

African wildcats: Sid, Louise, Max, Maurice, Ruben, Stars & Sandy
Black-footed cats: Diva, Lilly & Spotty
Caracals: Leo & Nina, but also Lea & Thilido (DCP)
Cheetahs: Speedy, Spiky & Sunny
Leopards: Feline & Félipe, Felix & Felicia, Olive, Solo
Servals: Joy & Norrick

Leopard Conservation: New: WCW against trade, commercial exploit, Canned Hunting and irresponsible breeding of leopards in captivity

With our leopard project and leopardambassadors we raise awareness & share knowledge as for leopards and leopardbehaviour. Enthusiasts are offered a chance to volunteer/work closely (not hands-on) with our leopards to get to know them better, love them more and so support their protection. Without being exploited and ripped off themselves!!
We do support the survival of leopards in their natural habitat, but also work hard to improve situations for captive leopards. Yes we know there’s stil a lot of people claiming leopards and other animals shouldn’t be in captivity and cannot thrive there, and yes in an ideal world we agree to this 100%. The ideal world and huge habitat to live a long and healthy life in the wild sadly doesn’t exist anymore, and as long as the wild ones have difficulties to survive there, no use to put captive borns not used to the wild life in danger too (apart from a life in a Reserve, so lower scale…free ranging). BUT there’s still a lot of captive borns that aren’t kept in a proper way, lots of breeding and trading by breedingfarms without purpose and without aim to conservation.
Yes we do breed on low scale…..responsible way…..for many reasons. First of all not to derive our leopards from anything (within our reach that is) close to the life they would have in the wild. Further on with a purpose….apart from education and raising awareness, also as a weapon in the new project to fight commercial trade and breeding in captivity (also affecting the wild population).
Projects, Organisations (preferably in South Africa) and Private Game Reserves who want to start with leopards: stop buying them from breeding farms, stop buying wild leopards offered by farmers catching and selling them….stop paying full stop to get leopards. INSTEAD: do contact us on We can help you on a non-pay base but with rules: no breeding and giving the best life possible to the leopards. If you want to learn more write us. But please stop encouraging the irresponsible breeding programmes, the inbreeding, the trade, the canned hunting of leopards!!!!!

Come and volunteer with us

Come and volunteer with us, special Wild Cats World offer for serious and true wild cats enthusiasts (all species, also smaller ones)!!
For our sanctuary/conservationproject in S.A. we are basically looking for wild cat enthusiasts who really are interested to assist the caretakerteam for a certain period of time, to give the best care possible in every aspect to our ambassador catspecies: African wildcats, Black-footed cats, Caracals, Cheetah, Leopards and Servals.


It is possible to join us during every day or month of the year, depending on availability. Length of time from 2 weeks until (preferably) 3 months, or longer if visa permits.

We don’t charge any extra costs for our organisation, just a reasonable deposit for our own security and all bookings. The whole stay will be at your own expense, which for sure is affordable in South Africa and all depending on what you spend yourself of course.
We can offer well-priced accommodation near our project.

The daily tasks are described on this website, but if you have more questions about that or about the prices/accommodation, just feel free to contact us

If you are interested to come over please do contact us and we can look for times available, and we can start the bookings from there. We take 2 or max 3 volunteers (incl caretakers) at a time to keep the work as interesting as possble but more importantly to not disturb the cats too much, as their wellfare is only what counts for us, and so it should be for the people coming over to volunteer or work with us.

Looking forward to welcome you!!!

New!!! Rehabilitation program orphan (wild) leopardcubs

We were told about many orphan wild leopardcubs that end up at reserves or other private projects, who handraise them and want to offer them a permanent home as acc. to them they cannot be released again. Sadly they often also offer interaction with these cubs!
To those we want to offer to bring the cubs (youngsters up til a year) to us as our leopardfemales and also males for sure will adopt them and teach them how tobehave like a leopard again. No more interaction with humans, but humans close enough for them not to get shy, so after some time (approx a year) they are suitable to go to (for sure) a Private Game Reserve. Not tame but also not shy cubs are perfect to live wild but protected and to be sighted on educational game drives, they make the best ambassadors. Even our captive born, but motherraised leopardyoungsters are suitable for this and soon move out.
We ask no money for this essential offer to help rehabilitate the cubs or youngsters, only compensation in the care (so best food and medical care). Of course their stay is meant to be temporarily, and we won’t offer a forever home. Our leopards (adults Feline and Felix) did adopt the other two others while still under the age of 1 year, and also adopted each other’s cubs from birth. This excellent opportunity we can only offer with our leopards, and if one is serious about wanting them to act like a leopard and live wild again, they must consider this offer. Of course Nature Conservation must be notified and give approval to this!
If interested e-mail to for the availability. We don’t take more than 2 cubs/youngsters at a time of course. Spread the word!1-img_0540

Help us save wild cats worldwide!donate2


Featured Ambassador

Featured Project

Black Footed Cats Conservation Project

WCW started this conservation project on the DCP farm in Spotted Cats Conservation, with three wild black-footed cats, Beauty, Blacky and Footy. All three cats were injured by traps and could not be released into the wild. They were given a great home as well as the necessary treatment by the vet.

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