Up-date Wild Cats World Sanctuary

Wild Cats Sanctuary

After the move to our new location there’s of course lots of things still to do; to organise, get things together and to improve. Most important to make a plan for the future: how to move forward from now. We are happy to tell you all cats are happy and healthy after the big move, … Read more

Goodbye Kirkwood/Eastern Cape

Wild Cats Sanctuary

We made it happen after a year of hard work preparing every detail of the huge relocation. A fresh start of the officially registered Wild Cats World Sanctuary at our own new property. Many long drives started to move all animals and other belongings to Bela Bela, Limpopo. While all animals have settled in nicely … Read more

Sponsor/adopt a Cat

Leopard Sanctuary

Wild cats World is a non-profit organisation relying on the generosity of the (wild) cat enthusiasts. By sponsoring/Adopting a cat you will be a great support in the monthly expenses to give this particular cat (at our sanctuary in South Africa) the best life possible. To sponsor a species is also possible. If you want … Read more

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