Relocation of cats to the new Sanctuary


We relocated our ambassador cats to the new ‘Official Wild Cats World Sanctuary’! The first few months of this year we will be very busy relocating ambassador wild cats to the new sanctuary in Bela Bela. It is a long drive of 13 hours from the Eastern Cape to Limpopo Province. That requires lots of … Read more

Start 2021 in the best possible way!!!!

Wild Cats World - Official Sanctuary

Wild Cats World can make your dreams come true!! Is your life long dream to start a responsible sanctuary for South African native wild cats (big and small)? Lions, leopards, cheetahs, caracals, servals, African wildcats and/or Blackfooted cats? And to give them the best life possible? Do you have a start-up capital of 30.000 (-50.000) … Read more

Always wanted to be really involved?

Collage big cats

Sponsorships: Help Provide the Best Care for the small and/or big cats! By sponsoring a small or big cat you are helping Wild Cats World to provide the very best care for all of the cats that call the sanctuary home. Sponsoring a cat by (symbolical) adoption or sponsoring a project (like the construction of … Read more


Leopard female

Do you want to support this pretty leopard female and her species, orother wild cats who deserve the best? We are a non-profit organisationand need your help now more than ever. PLEASE HELP US OUT – COVID 19 HIT US HARD TOO. THE CATS STILL DESERVE THE BEST BUT MONEY AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! … Read more

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