Precious cats that are no longer with us… R.I.P.


Nina – caracal


Floris – leopard


Footy – black footed cat


blacky ripBlacky – black footed cat


mickMick – Serval – serval


1-img_0206Beauty – black footed cat



Max – African wild cat






Diva – black footed cat

Norrick – serval


Sandy – African wild cat

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Featured Project

Pallas cat conservation

As announced on March 16, 2017 , the WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Project is become a reality since we signed the contract with the Zoo de Lyon.

I hear already people saying, but there are pallas cat at Zoo de Lyon. Wrong, they have 2 pallas cat but not visible from the public (unfortunately) due to the fact that they are looking for funding to build a brand new enclosure.

The WCW Pallas cat Conservation Project could be split in 2 sub-projects:

  • Help and support Zoo de Lyon to raise funds for work related to the Pallas cat . Conservation in-situ and ex-situ.
  • The other one which is the most important one is to raise funds for the PICA project – Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance.

Pallas cat conservation/">More....

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