Team WCW

Team Wild Cats World

  • Babette de Jonge, Founder/CEO Wild Cats World; CEO/owner/caretaker S.A. project.
  • Anton Buijen van Weelden, maintenance, caretaker & sponsor S.A. project
  • Zanell McCarthy, caretaker SA project (see photo)
  • Inge de Groot, caretaker SA project (see photo)
  • Paul Hoogeveen, webmaster Wild Cats World & Wild Cats Magazine
  • Bérengere Desmet, Responsible person WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Program (in progress)

January 2018 – Welcome to the WCW S.A. team: Zanell McCarthy!!!
We (and above all the resident cats of the native S.A. species in the sanctuary/conservation programs S.A.) are blessed to have found the lovely person Zanell, passionate about animals & nature to support our team of caretaker/owners, giving the daily excellent TLC to all the cats, big and small, wild and lesser wild. Fantastic to have another dedicated and experienced caretaker on board, who only wants the best and no exploit!!!



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Featured Project

Phoenix Four Leopard Re-wilding

The four young leopards born and raised (by their mothers/parents) at Wild Cats World have been successfully relocated to a huge re-wilding (phase I) camp in Mpumalanga Province, where lots of rehabilitation and releasing of leopards already had been done. Happy to say Olive, Solo, Beau & Bahati are settling in nicely, but we didn’t expect anything else of a highly adaptable species like the leopard. For the first re-wilding they will stay here, and the next step will be relocation to a huge boma in the National Park en Private Game Reserves (non-hunting) that showed interest in them already.

Phoenix Four Leopard Re-wilding/">More....

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