Donations & Sponsors

You can make our work possible with a donation, adoption or a sponsorship. Either a one-time gift or a monthly or annual amount. Whatever you can afford will be very much appreciated.

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.  Registration: 2020/583643/08.

There are various ways you can help us:

  • General support with a donation
    Donations enable us to help individual wild cats and work on general conservacy issues with awareness campaigns and education. [paypal-donation]
  • Adopt one of our ambassador cats (different support levels)
  • Sponsor a specific project (conservation, enclosure, etc.)


  • Caroline van Duin – Riverrage, monthly donation & occasional donation
  • Paul Hoogeveen, sponsoring time and dedication updating our websites
  • Kay Enwright, UK, kind donation
  • Mr & Mrs Nietsbert, Germany, kind donation
  • Susanne Krüger, Pretoria/SA, kind donation
  • Madeline Bell, Malaga/Spain, kind donation
  • Marco Vontenie, one time donation
  • Simonne van Driessche, generous donations
  • Jeanette Leinweber, generous donation to caracal enclosure (Nina II and Leo)
  • Melanie Koller, one time donation
  • Judith Wallenburg, donations caracal Leo
  • Fiona Barnes, Australia – one time donation to SA leopard project
  • Mrs. Stéphanie De Man, Belgium – one time donation
  • Mrs. Jolande Baudet-Kors (kind donation to the construction of the brandnew SCC cheetahcamp)
  • Mrs. Hubers, Holland, monthly donation WCW
  • Suzanne Norwood, Australia, monthly donation WCW
  • Mr.Andrew Barton, Port Elizabeth/SA, monthy donation SCC
  • Rhino Plastics, Port Elizabeth/SA, 10,000L watertank, Spotted Cats Conservation
  • Mr. Mark Cater, UK (serval/black footed cat conservation project)
  • Hyundai, Graaff Reinet/SA, sponsoring H1 for one-time transport leopards
  • Mr. A. Buijen van Weelden, Dordrecht/NL, sponsorship Leopards/caracals-enclosures – Spotted Cats Conservation
  • Mr. J. Travolta/USA (one time donation to tiger conservation)
  • Mr. De Jonge, Naarden/NL, monthy donation
  • Sunworld Safaris, Nairobi, cooperation wild cats safari Masai Mara

Adoption parents

  • Conny Slabbers, Netherlands: WCW leopard Feline
  • Astrid Bardubitzki, Germany – general monthly support leopards
  • Mike Sielfield, UK: WCW leopard Félipe
  • Martin de Waal, SA: WCW African wildcat Louise
  • Simonne van Driesche, Belgium: WCW leopards Feline and Felix, caracal Leo
  • Suzanne Norwood, Australia: WCW leopard Feline
  • Marie José Becu, Belgium: WCW leopards Feline, Felix, Felicia and Felipe
  • Christiane Van Acolyen, Belgium: WCW serval Joy
  • Bérengere Desmet, France: WCW caracals Leo & Nina (II) & African wildcat Sid, Pallas Cats Lyon & Zoe (Lyon Zoo)
  • Marcia de Jonker, Netherlands: WCW cheetah Speedy
  • Andrea C. Schäfer, Germany: WCW black-footed cat Beauty
  • Penny Hamilton, Australia: WCW leopards Feline, Felix, Felipe & Felicia
  • Conny Eckhardt, The Netherlands: WCW caracals Leo & Nina II
  • Andrea Comans, Germany:   African wild cat (hybrid rescue) Ruben
  • Ralph Warren, Netherlands: general monthly support (not 1 cat in particular)
  • Anne Sydow, UK: general monthly support black-footed cats

Wild Cats World and Wanicare Foundation/Indonesia, express their profound gratitude to the generous people supporting our project aiming for the release of the two wild-captured Javan leopards Dimas and Sawal in their natural habitat. Some of the diehards even donating more than once as determined as we are to have the leopards released and support the Javan leopard species.

Wild Cats World and Float Apparel express their profound gratitude to the generous people who ordered great designed t-shirts at the campaign of Float (For the Love Of All Things) Apparel, of each purchase donated $8 to charity and in this campaign to us at WCW and our projects (March 2015).

Many heartfelt thanks to everybody who in some way generously donated to our foundation, cause or an ambassador cat!

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.
Registration: 2020/583643/08.
Featured Ambassador

Featured Project

Pallas cat conservation

As announced on March 16 in 2017, the WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Project has become a reality.



The project could be split in two activities:

  • Help and support Zoo de Lyon to raise funds for work related to the Pallas cat Conservation in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Raise funds for the PICA project – Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance.


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