Donations & Sponsors

You can make our work possible with a donation, adoption or a sponsorship. Either a one-time gift or a monthly or annual amount. Whatever you can afford will be very much appreciated.

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.  Registration: 2020/583643/08.

There are various ways you can help us:

  • General support with a donation
    Donations enable us to help individual wild cats and work on general conservancy issues with awareness campaigns and education.
  • Adopt one of our ambassador cats (different support levels)
  • Sponsor a specific project (conservation, enclosure, etc.)

Wild Cats World is a non profit organisation having a sanctuary in South Africa (Bela Bela/Limpopo province) benefiting the South African wildcat species, big and small, feral cats and other wildlife if necessary. If you want to make a donation to a special cat (symbolic adoption) or species, or to a special project, we would be very grateful. You can write to (Babette de Jonge) for more info.

On behalf of the resident (wild) cats a huge thank you to all present and past sponsors.

2021 (symbolic) adoption parents

  • Suzanne Norwood, New Zealand – Leopard Feline
  • Marcia Jonker, Netherlands – Cheetah Speedy
  • Berengere Desmet, France – African wildcat Stars / Caracal Lucca
  • Andrea Schäefer, Germany – Black footed cats
  • Astrid Bardubi, Germany – Leopards
  • C. van Duin, Netherlands – General
  • Anne Sydow, England – General
  • Conny Slabbers, Netherlands – Leopard Feline
  • Riekje Strampel, Netherlands – General
  • Martin de Waal, South Africa – Leopards
  • Ralph Warren, Netherlands – General
  • Mevr. de Jonge-van Eck, Netherlands – General
  • Mike Sielfield, England – General
  • Marie-José Becu, Belgium – Leopards
  • Jos van Acolyen, Belgium – Leopards Feline & Felix, Caracal Lucca
  • Lyliane van Driesschen, Belgium – General
  • Christianne van Acolyen, Belgium – Serval
  • JoyPenny Hamilton, Australia – Leopards
It's always seems impossible... until it's done!

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.
Registration: 2020/583643/08.
Featured Ambassador

Featured Project

Pallas cat conservation

As announced on March 16 in 2017, the WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Project has become a reality.



The project could be split in two activities:

  • Help and support Zoo de Lyon to raise funds for work related to the Pallas cat Conservation in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Raise funds for the PICA project – Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance.


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