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SA Leopard Conservation Project

There are lots of cheetah, tiger and even lion conservation projects, creating awareness for the bad situation of these species in the wild, but somehow people always seem to have the strange and wrong idea that the leopard numbers are still safe

About Wild Cats World

Wild cats World is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered wild cats and their habitat.

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Our goal is to bring  global awareness to wild cats conservation issues, support field research for several species, promote world-wide education and rescue efforts to give captive cats a better life. More…

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Ambassadors Wild Cats World

  • Leopards: Feline & Félipe, Felix & Felicia
  • Cheetahs: Speedy, Spiky & Sunny
  • Black-footed Cats: Lilly & Spotty, Lucky, Lady & Leila
  • African wildcats: Sid & Louise, Maurice, Stars, Quilla
  • Servals: Joy, Fady, Fennick & Fonzi
  • Pallas Cats: Lyon & Zoë
  • Caracals: Leo, Nina II, Thilido & Lucca

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Also view the Photo album on FaceBook with more pictures of the ambassadors.

Photo’s made by visitors/volunteers on Facebook.

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