Wild Cats World collaborates with and/or supports many organisations financially and by sharing knowledge. Most of the programs focused on the species in the wild, but our aim is also to support captive bred species, to give them the best welfare in our own sanctuary/conservationproject (S.A.) or in fellow programs. Here we just name a few.

Mpumalanga Leopard Conservation

Associate in leopard conservation and fighting poachers, farmers with bad intentions, snares and that sort of criminal activities in the Mpumalanga district.

Madame X

Not a real partner but for sure a highly respected associate in our mutual work against Canned Hunting!

“One should never start a partnership!” she told me (Babette) when meeting up for the first time, and in fact she is right. To co-operate is very essential though. Madame X is a lady we hope to meet many more of. Who is solely working for the lions (and soon hopefully also cheetahs), to rescue them from Canned Hunting, without wanting any fame or fortune herself. We respect her wishes not to reveal her name and location, as she truly is a celeb, but we are very honoured she asked Babette de Jonge & Wild Cats World to represent and help her in this wonderful project. The rescued lions (so far) have a safe and happy life on private property, 100 HA and (soon) more.

Richard Daniell

Wild Cats World started a sanctuary/conservation project on the Daniell (Cheetah) farm and continuously invests a lot (as for funds, care and time) in the running projects as for the African native species: African wildcats, Black-footed cats, Caracals, Cheetahs, Servals, and not to forget the huge Leopard conservation project and ‘experiment” how to keep leopards the best way in captivity, as a group (WCW Leopard Pride). We are happy being allowed to do these projects, and home our ambassadors of the various species, on the land of mr. Richard Daniell, Eastern Cape, South Africa for which we like to express our gratitude. Some of our Wild Cats World ambassadors (leopards, caracals) can be witnessed during the Daniell Cheetah daily (educational) tours.

Wanicare Foundation

The Wanicare foundation, Indonesia, asked Wild Cats World for help in their plead to release two Javan leopards back into their natural habitat and start an education- and awareness project, to help the human-leopardconflicts at ground level in order to save the already critically endangered Javan leopardspecies. This non-governmental and non-profit organisation runs entirely on volunteers and donations. The purpose is to prevent wild animals trade and to release animals back to their natural habitat. The mission is to protect wildlife by offering Wildlife rescue centers and related projects complete support in their work by giving personal attention and help to these programs by assisting with PR, funding, education, medical help and other needs the project requires.

The foundation was founded in 2009 and initially focused on supporting the animal rescue project of Cikananga Wildlife Center, West Java, Indonesia. Wanicare achieved much in the last couple of years and prepares for an increase and further development in the coming years. We will keep on supporting the animal rescue project of Cikananga Wildlife Center but the Wanicare foundation also wants to focus on helping other animal projects, rescue centers, and other projects related to nature conservation.

Wanicare Foundation and Wild Cats World work together in the “Javan Leopard Release Program”.

Jane Goodall Institute Nepal (JGI-Nepal)

The JGI-Institute Nepal sent a proposal to Wild Cats World to request association in the project “Resolving the human-leopard conflict in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal”. As part of the huge leopard conservation project WCW already started, this association was more than welcome. The proposed project seeks to remediate the conflict by man and leopard by providing an immediate and dependable response team for handling an (near) attack, educating the public on leopards engaging public officials with political influence, and providing a toll-free hotline and resource regarding all issues and concerns regarding the leopards within the Kathmandu Valley. Apart from this a huge education-and awareness project benefiting the Nepal leopard.

Lyon Zoo

We were so fortunate to sign a contract with the CEO of the Lyon Zoo in order to start the Pallas Cat Conservation Project. With this project we are supporting and co-operating with Lyon Zoo, France, raising funds for the PICA project as well as aiming to support the resident male and female in the Zoo, creating a great new home (enclosure) in the hope they are going to breed successfully, very essential for the species!
Lyon Zoo gave us permission to ‘offer’ their male and female for (symbolic) adoption, and undertake other activities in order to raise funds for the essential Pallas Cat Conservation program, mainly supporting the wild species and their natural habitat.

So, do you want to help the Pallas Cat species, as well as the lovely male (Lyon) and female (Zoë), ambassadors of their species, in Lyon Zoo/France? Look for more info on the pages dedicated to the project and ambassadors.

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.
Registration: 2020/583643/08.
Featured Ambassador

Featured Project

Pallas cat conservation

As announced on March 16, 2017 , the WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Project is become a reality since we signed the contract with the Zoo de Lyon.

I hear already people saying, but there are pallas cat at Zoo de Lyon. Wrong, they have 2 pallas cat but not visible from the public (unfortunately) due to the fact that they are looking for funding to build a brand new enclosure.

The WCW Pallas cat Conservation Project could be split in 2 sub-projects:

  • Help and support Zoo de Lyon to raise funds for work related to the Pallas cat . Conservation in-situ and ex-situ.
  • The other one which is the most important one is to raise funds for the PICA project – Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance.

Pallas cat conservation/">More....

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