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This foundation is officially registered in Bussum, the Netherlands, with a bankaccount no. (ABN AMRO Bank, Bussum, NL.) accurately monitored by a lawyer: Mr. Caspar de Valk. All donations go directly to the project and the endangered wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.  Registration: 2020/583643/08.

Wild Cats World - Official Sanctuary

South African bank account for the Wild Cats World Sanctuary.:

Bank : FNB
Branch code: 260216
Branch name: Lifestyle Centre Centurion
Acc.Type: Business Acc
Acc. Number: 62865321592
Wild Cats Sanctuary

What is WCW? A non-profit foundation, based and registered in Holland (Europe).

The mission of Wild Cats World is to contribute to the survival in the wild of the wild catspecies, to be a safe place for cats born in captivity or injured cats that cannot be released into the wild again. Several projects have been started and supported to realise the mission and plans of WCW, like the Javan Leopard Release Program (Indonesia), Nepal Leopard Conservation Project (Nepal), Spotted Cats Conservation i.e. the WCW Leopard Conservation Project (South Africa) and the Black-footed Cats Project in South Africa. All projects are relying on donations and sponsoring.

Raising awareness, providing education & Wild Cats Photography are three of the keywords sharing our vision and the necessary info about all wild catspecies and our projects. Wild Cats World is against Canned & Trophy Hunting, irresponsible breeding projects and exploitation of cats. In respect to the latter we don’t offer interaction  with our ambassadors to tourists or volunteers and taking cubs away from  the mothers.

Who is WCW? Basically WCW is just one person, founder/director Babette de Jonge, idealistic wild cats enthusiast for ages (for background scroll down), started the foundation in 2010 together with Eva Julia Christiie, a Norwegian illusionist. This cooperation lasted for just a few months. Babette wanted to believe they shared the best interest for the wild catspecies, so that together they would not only rescue the tigers Eva was working with, from a life in circus and small/unnatural environment as they intended to, but also to give the best of welfare to many other abused wild cats, and at the same time contribute to conservation of the wild species.

Still the mission of Wild Cats World. Babette worked on alone and lifted the foundation WCW up to the current standard and has still been pursuing her dreams and passion to do what’s best for the wild cats, in captivity and in the wild. The past few years amazingly backed up by her boyfriend Anton Buijen van Weelden (also: Wild Cats Films), in spirit and sponsoring, who shares the same passion. In South Africa, Indonesia & Nepal associations, alliances/partners are working closely with Wild Cats World on ground level, like the Wanicare Foundation, Madame X in the Canned Hunting-X- Project and Jane Goodall Institute Nepal.

These associations are essential for the work WCW has in mind for both captive and wild species, as well as the work in education, raising awareness, releasing some cats back to their natural habitat. Without the ever growing network world-wide the foundation would be nowhere, but still stamina, fighting spirit and everlasting passion and love for the animals is most important, as well as to be able to give more than to get. And that includes the huge investments financially you have to keep on doing. Babette: “I am afraid I have to destroy the dream of many, thinking in this line of business you can do what you love best and earn a lot of money with it at the same time. Well: NO WAY! Not if you do it with the right intentions: welfare of the animals. Meaning: no exploit, trading and hunting businesses but a true conservation project!

Awareness, Acceptance, Education and Donation are the keywords of Wild Cats World to support the endangered wild cats, e.g. by writing articles, sharing info and the best photos of all 36 wild cats species, creating a huge network, giving lectures and presentations.

We are a non-profit organisation completely dependent on donations and sponsorships to maintain various projects undertaken in terms of research, relocation and education of animals as well as caring for orphaned animals. Your contribution WILL make a difference.

Wild Cats World is NOT supporting irresponsible breeding programmes, trading wild cats for self-gain and money, canned or trophy hunting and exploit of the wild cats. WCW is trying to educate locals and farmers of South Africa to treat the wild cats and other animals with more respect.

To accomplish our projects and mission for the future, a substantial amount of money is needed, so the abovementioned fundraising project will be implemented.

We appeal to all who love and care for wild cats and other animals to help us with this project. YOU can make a difference by helping us.

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