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October 2013: Meet Wild Cats World’s ambassador leopards Feline, Felix, and Félipe in their ‘den’, meaning their nighthouse. They can withdraw whenever they like into their most private space, but they still allow us (Babette and myself) to come in and sit with them. Here you can see them resting in their den during daytime, and also how well they accept our presence in their most intimate space.

October 2013: Do you already have a copy of the latest “Wild Cats” book…”Cheetah Run – Fragile Strive to Survive”? Here’s the promo in which author/photographer/Wild Cats World founder/director, Babette de Jonge is presenting the book, also starring male Khaki. At the end of the video a short impression of the book and details how to order the book which belongs on the bookshelf of all cheetah friends!

October 2013: A video many of you have no doubt been waiting for, recorded about 1,5 weeks after the successful life saving operation of our youngest ambassadorleopard Felicia. A stressful time for all of us, but after a wrong di…agnose, thinking we would loose her like we had to loose her brother Floris, we were glad that the second opinion by the specialist in Jo’burg signified the right diagnose and the operation that followed was very successful as you can see on this video. WCW couldn’t wait to see her and show you all, who showed great compassion and interest in her situation, how well she is recovering. Lioncub Simba thought she was too wild to play with (good sign!) so for now we did play with her, but we cannot wait for her to meet her future partner Felix. Last week Felicia finally could eat bones again…she wasn’t allowed to eat this for the first month after the operation as it could do damage, but this went also well, and she enjoys chewing on them….we can now really say: Felicia is recovered!!! She has some catching up to do with growing, but we have faith this will happen soon. So, do watch and enjoy the video of our “crown princess: FELICIA and I am sure you will even more close her in your hearts, than you already did!

July 2013: In the Spotlight: Black-footed Cats

June 2013: It is a well-known fact that cats are inquisitive creatures. This video shows how small and big cats of several species investigate the cameraman (me) and his camera: black-footed cats, caracals, cheetahs, leopards, servals and snow leopards all take their turn. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and compiled this video to share those precious moments with you. Enjoy!

April 2013: Babette de Jonge presents her book ‘Wild Cats: Leopard Fascination’: Amazing photography, lots of educational info, nice stories….wild leopards and captive ambassador leopards. A species that is threatened in their natural habitat. Help us to save this incredible big cat.

April 2013: Watch Wild Cats World’s ambassador leopards Félipe, Felix and Feline have fun in their enclosure: shortly after we introduced 6-month old Félipe to 17-month old Feline and Felix, they all decided that is was time to play. Especially Félipe was very keen on the object that was bobbing in the pool in their enclosure (a small aircraft tire). Later on Felix joined Félipe in the pool, while Feline kept her paws dry. This short film shows that not all leopards are shy of water. Enjoy!

April 2013: Great video of the leopards in our WCW Leopard Conservation Project. Starring Feline & Felix, as Félipe had not yet arrived one month ago. Voice over by our S.A. representative Jaco Bester. Great job Jaco! 😉

The black-footed cat (Felis nigripes) is Africa’s smallest wild cat. It is endemic to southern Africa, where it lives in dry, open savanna, grassland and Karoo semi-desert with shrub and tree cover, except for the driest and sandiest parts of the Namib and Kalahari Deserts. While wild black-footed cats are rather shy and very elusive, this short film shows captive black-footed cats that are used to the presence of humans, which explains why they are quite sociable and could be filmed at close distances without having to resort to remote cameras or hides. Enjoy these wonderful little beauties!

Meet three juvenile snow leopards up close and personal: see them in their enclosure at Zoo Wuppertal, where they greet Nadine (an animal keeper of the zoo’s carnivore section), whom the cats regard as their foster mother). Watch how they investigate the camera(man). Witness them getting fed.

Special thanks to Nadine for enabling us to film the cats, and to the three young snow leopards for trusting us!

Watch the clouded leopard cubs playing in their enclosure at Zoo Wuppertal. They are regularly given new toys and other enrichment to keep them happy. This time they got a piñata, a present of Sabine and Ralf (a.k.a. the Ambika Fanclub). Thank you Sabine and Ralf !

A short film showing a ‘Cheetah Walk’.

Meet Nina, Wild Cats World’s late ambassador caracal. This short video contains a slide show of still images when she was only 8 weeks old, followed by footage of the transfer to her new home and Nina discovering her new home. Enjoy!

In this video the opening of our Spotted Cats Conservation Caracal Project in South Africa dedicated to late caracal Nina (the scattering of her ashes, setting her free), starring Lea the ambassador in her great new enclosure awaiting… her boyfriend (WCW) ambassador Leo. In this video also more info about the book “Caracals in India” by Shekhar Kolipaka.

Meet Feline and Felix, Wild Cats World’s ambassador leopards. This short film shows them at an age of 4 months, when they were staying at Zanchieta Wild Cat Farm (near Bloemfontein, South Africa), their temporary foster home. Enjoy them just as we did. And as they enjoyed each other’s (and our) company!

Wild Cats Photosafari to Masai Mara, Kenya. What you see here in this promoclip, you can see for yourself.

Cheetah Cry – one of the Wild Cats Projects. Babette de Jonge wrote lyrics to a “wake-up call” song about the cheetah and invited Laurence Tressler (UK) to make a song. He adapted the lyrics to the music and recorded the song with his band The Suspects. Nikki doing the leading vocals. Footage of our Wild Cats Photosafari 2006 to Kenya. The song is used by Laurie Marker (Cheetah Conservation Fund) at her lectures.

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