Lucky – black-footed cat

On Thursday October 28th 2017 our black-footed cat female Lilly gave birth to 2 kittens. We were so proud Lilly gave birth to a male kitten Lucky, and a female Lady, who were very welcome. It was Lilly’s first litter (sired by our male Spotty) and she was a caring and very protective mom from the start. Black-footed cats and more so their kittens are very vulnerable to diseases, often causing a premature death. So were even more proud the kittens survived the difficult first weeks and months.

Lucky and his sister are very essential for their species, as well as for our conservation program and he is going to stay with us and hopefully he will sire a few litters himself in the future.

When there’s a decent number of healthy cats, we can take the next step and think about re-wilding and release projects.

If you want to support the black-footed cats or do a (symbolic) adoption of Lucky, or one of the others, it would help us a great deal to do even more and better conservation for the smallest cat of South Africa (second smallest of the world), very rare and vulnerable, soon to be endangered on the red list of CITES.

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