Quilla – African wild cat

On Sunday 28th of October 2018, female African wildcat Quilla arrived at our place, to be a couple with our African wildcat male Maurice. Both have the pure bloodline essential to secure the survival of the species.

Quilla was born November 6th, 2017 at Cat Conservation Trust, Clifton, Cradock.


F.I. “Minerva”, 28-11-2013
captive born Clifton, Cradock

Parents “Minerva”:
Parentage not given by Endofaun
Born in Hoedspruit with split genes (has the melanistic gene in her family/bloodline)

F.S.I. Gerry, 19-10-2007
captive born Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre

Parents Gerry:
Mother – Amber (Hoedspruit Cheetah Breeding/Tenikwa Awareness Centre)
Father – Merlin (Kalahari gemsbok van Zyls rus/Tenikwa Awareness Centre)

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