Welcome to the new rescue servals and Caracals

We are here for all cats and animals… whenever possible.

We came to rescue to many Servals and Caracals.
A lot of them from Europe, and more to come. It is finally illegal to keep them as pet. So the owners (have them) “escape” and/or officials
do confiscate them. After that they end up in a rescue centre like Natuurcentrum Opglabbeek and from there they look for a permanent
solution. They get a second chance and a life as wild cat instead of pet @ WildCats World Sanctuary

The latest rescued from Belgium are servals Dilly and Dutchy who have settled in fast. Four other servals are expected later this year.

The caracal males Riley and Roary were victims of farmers in South Africa. Farmers see caracals like most other wildlife as a problem and they catch them (often injuring them in the process) or kill them straight. This is really a problem, not the caracals.

We are glad that there’s good people stepping up for them and bringing them to our sanctuary where they get a safe, natural forever life with
the best of care.

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