Ambassador Beauty – black footed cat (R.I.P.)


A guy was walking along the road with this box. In it our partner found the unfortunate black-footed female badly hurt on her left leg by a gin trap. The cat was confiscated on the spot of course. Frankly we still do have a lot of doubts and questions about this “case” but for now we can only do what’s best for her, we call her Beauty as she is!

Adopt Beauty / All about black footed cats

Great news!

Wild Cats World & Cat Conservation Trust proudly present!!!

Just to take a closer look at the poor female, but also in evidence of the state the cat was in.

As you can see the leg is very badly hurt.

We hoped the vet would be able to “save” the poor cat’s leg.

The damned traps put there by (either) farmers, workers and/or even sometimes by Nature Conservation (see case leopard)…..they must be banned.

No doubt an adult black footed female.

The “stress” turned the normally very wild black footed into a “ragdoll”, poor little thing.

After a few days we could fetch her again from the vet. The operation went succesfully but her leg couldn’t be saved sadly.

Time for revalidation…the bandage must be on for at least 10 more days, so we have to keep her safely inside for a while.

Still quite “relaxed”for a black footed, no doubt still under the impression. We hope to put her outside in the new enclosure esp. built for these unfortunate blackfooted soon. The other two, males, are thriving well there.

It is so horrible what people do to these cats. We have still lots of doubts and questions about “this case” to be frank. For now we can only do what’s best, the species is already very much under threat.

November 2013 – Black footed cat Beauty gave birth to 2 kittens. Yesterday one was born alive and sadly a second one today probably was still born. As Beauty still was in labour the whole day (night) yesterday she wasn’t interested to take care of her kitten. As it was lying far from the mom the whole day, and it was getting dark and windy, we as the SCC team decided to try and have the kitten drink with a domestic cat who had a litter recently. We are grateful to Maxie and Richard from the SCC team who are extremely dedicated to save the little bfc kitten (first born wild cat at SCC) and had to wake up every 2 hours to have the kitten drink with the mothercat and so far so good.

Now we are deciding whether it will be a good idea to try and have the kitten reunited with Beauty again. Not sure yet if a 3rd kitten we still come, but it maybe is worth a try. For now it is most important that the kitten gains strength. The Black Footed Cat is an endangered species, the smalles wild cat of South Africa (and second smallest of the world). Let’s hope and pray this cutie will pull through….

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