Volunteer Melanie Koller

Melanie Koller and Fiona Barnes

I really enjoyed the two weeks at Wild Cats World with their amazing cats. I already worked in another project with animals, but this project I especially liked because it is specialized in cats. Bigger and smaller ones. My favourite is the cheetah. But here I for the first time met servals, and I very much love them too. However, I have never seen such friendly leopards as the four ambassadors at Wild Cats World. They are not only beautiful, but also very lovely.

I loved the daily work of the volunteers, preparing meat, feeding the cats and cleaning the enclosures. But you have also plenty of time to spend with the animals and interact with them. As for taking pictures. I took a lot of pictures every day.

MelanieFiona1I met Babette and Anton and they really take good care of all animals, also Betty (caretaker of the project). I could learn a lot from them. They always take time for you to explain or show you something. I hope to come back as volunteer to Wild Cats World in the near future.

Melanie Koller, Switzerland

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