Ambassador Mick – serval (R.I.P.)

June 2nd 2015 we were happy to welcome our new male serval (Leptailurus serval) ambassador: Mick! Mick was born at Honingkranz (Karoo Cat Research i.a.w. Cat Conservation Trust) 19 February 2013 as the last born in a litter of four kittens, which is exceptionally large for a serval mother, especially for a first-time mom. Mick is and will always be relatively small for a male serval, why he couldn’t be released in the wild like his sibblings. Hopefully his offspring can be released again. Mick will be together with female Spirit, also a pretty wild female, as in motherraised without human interference.
Mick’s Mother – L.s. Nala, MCPGR, wild born, Eastern Cape

Mick’s father   –  L.s. Arno, wild born, Transvaal

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