Volunteer Fiona Barnes

Fiona BsarnesI recently spent time at Wild Cats World. I was fortunate enough to have met Babette and Anton as they were there with their beloved cats and cheetahs. The love and attention they give those animals is just beautiful. Each day I would carry my camera as you never know what moment can be captured on camera. I particularly enjoyed photographing the leopards, they are just beautiful.

I enjoyed being outside each day, as my regular job keeps me indoors. I was also able to interact with the other animals on the farm (Daniell Cheetah Project). Each day was spent ensuring the cats were well cared for accompanied by the caretaker on the project. We prepared the meat and attended to feeding the serval cats, cheetahs, african wild cats, caracals. Keeping the enclosures clean was also carried out each day.

This project is well suited for someone who prefers not to be with a large group of volunteers.  With all volunteer placements adaptability is important. Whilst at the project a day visit to Addo Elephant Park is possible, trips into Kirkwood for personal shopping and dinners out. Other outings can also be arranged.

Fiona Barnes, Australia

Fiona Barnes

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Pallas cat conservation

As announced on March 16, 2017 , the WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Project is become a reality since we signed the contract with the Zoo de Lyon.

I hear already people saying, but there are pallas cat at Zoo de Lyon. Wrong, they have 2 pallas cat but not visible from the public (unfortunately) due to the fact that they are looking for funding to build a brand new enclosure.

The WCW Pallas cat Conservation Project could be split in 2 sub-projects:

  • Help and support Zoo de Lyon to raise funds for work related to the Pallas cat . Conservation in-situ and ex-situ.
  • The other one which is the most important one is to raise funds for the PICA project – Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance.

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