Update Javan leopard release program – bad news twice

Update Javan leopard release program – bad news twice

Update January 29th, 2016: Leopard Sawal is deceased on Saturday January 16th. The last four days before his death, he did not eat very well, or at least not in a normal way. On Friday Pak Alen, the carnivores keeper, found already that Sawal showed different behavior, he was restless. […]

Long-term volunteering at Wild Cats World

Long-term volunteering at Wild Cats World

Long-term (volunteering) “assisting caretaker” offer at Wild Cats World. Look at the website or write Babette de Jonge on This offer is just for die-hard (wild) catlovers, small and big, who know how to work but also know how to make the best of every (free) moment. Close to the cats, […]

Happy birth of the African wildcat on January 13th 2016

Happy birth of the African wildcat on January 13th 2016

After our female African wildcat Louise (December 24th) now also the other female Sid gave birth to 2 healthy kittens. It is fun to see how the two females are co-mothering and sharing the care of the 4 kittens. Daddy of all is male Max. All our African wildcats are […]

Happy announcement

Happy announcement

On Sunday morning January 3rd, our leopard Felicia gave birth to one healthy (male) cub and we name him Solo. Felix is the proud daddy of the little boy. Sadly the birth of the second male cub didn’t go well; it was a breech birth (legs first) and sadly the […]

First time (well, second time…) meat for Olive

First time (well, second time…) meat for Olive

After the sad loss of little Kali we of course want to continue in a positive spirit with his sister Olive, and the other leopards. Almost 8 weeks of age, it is about time the little one starts eating meat alongside the mothermilk. Of course we preferred to do this […]

R.I.P. Kali (04-11-2015-26-12-2015)

R.I.P. Kali (04-11-2015-26-12-2015)

With an incredible feeling of sadness and loss we have to inform you all that little Kali, one of the proud cubs of Feline and Felipe, no longer is with us. From what we can see and “understand” this was due to a very unfortunate incident, but not new for […]

Up-date African wildcat female Louise and kittens

Up-date African wildcat female Louise and kittens

Up-date African wildcat female Louise and kittens 29/12/2015: All goes well with the African wildcat kittens, they seem full so Louise has enough milk. Since the second morning Louise allows him in with her and the kittens in the nighthouse she moved them to. She is very mobile, so the […]

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The Javan Leopard project

Javan leopard Sawal

The Population estimates are not certain, but certainly less than 250 mature individuals, possibly even less than 100 (IUCN Red List).

Read about our ongoing activities and the rescue of two leopards in particular.

About Wild Cats World

Wild cats World is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered wild cats and their habitat. Our goal is to bring  global awareness to wild cats conservation issues, support field research for several species, promote world-wide education and rescue efforts to give captive cats a better life. More...

Request to farmers, villagers and anyone who has a human-wild cat (leopard, caracal, etc.) conflict, please don't kill the cat but contact us!!!

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  • Leopards: Feline & Félipe, Felix & Felicia
  • Cheetahs: Speedy, Spiky & Sunny
  • Black-footed Cats: Diva & Beauty
  • African wildcats: Sid & Louise
  • Servals: Joy, Mick
  • Caracals: Leo, Nina II









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Video of the month

Amazing video of leopardbirth for WCW!!!

Wild Cats World making history. Watch here how leopard Queen Feline of WCW delivered 2 cubs in presence of WCW founder and CEO Babette de Jonge, November 4th 2015. Never in the world cubs were as welcome as here, and will have the best life possible. Filmed by Babette de Jonge, edited by Anton Buijen van Weelden for Wild Cats Films, 2015.    

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Featured Ambassador

Diva (black footed cat)





More about black footed cats...

Featured Project

WCW Leopard Conservation Project


When Babette de Jonge started her non-profit foundation Wild Cats World in June 2010, she already had her mind set on starting a special leopard project. There are lots of cheetah, tiger and even lion conservationprojects, creating awareness for the bad situation of these species in the wild, but somehow people always seem to have the strange and wrong idea that the leopard numbers are still save. Even though there never really was a leopard census, neither in Africa, nor in Asia. Also leopards are being killed in both countries on a daily basis. In India up till 2011 there were 356 leopards killed in 365 days, but in 2012 these numbers seem to be increasing.
If the killing of leopards continues in this pace, the leopard will get extinct long before tiger or cheetah. Little what we can do, has to be done. Today, as tomorrow might be too late!

So finally on wednesday 20th of June 2012 the WCW leopard project if officially opened at Eastern Cape/South Africa. Apart from creating awareness & doing lots of educational and research projects, like we already did with WCW, the focus of the project will now primarily be to protect leopard from poaching, poisoning, trapping, and over-hunting. The two ambassadorleopards of our project, Felix and Feline, will meet the people (NO interaction with them by tourists/volunteers though!) and they have the important job to convince them they are loveable, clever and gorgeous cats, that deserve respect and a chance for the wild species to survive.



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