Nature: About life and death – A must read!

Nature: About life and death – A must read!

Nature: About life and death – A must read! (Tribute to our female ambassadors of all species!!!) All the projects we do with our organisation WCW are focused on education & conservation, on supporting species in the wild, but also about creating the best possible and natural life in captivity […]

Congrats to our servals Joy & Norrick: Happy Birth

Congrats to our servals Joy & Norrick: Happy Birth

Wednesday, October 12th 2016 serval female Joy gave birth to at least 1 kitten….of course no chance to take a picture of Joy and her new-born(s) just yet. As expected she is a very protective mom. We have reason to believe there’s just one cub, but she might as well […]

Pallas Cat Project in progress

Pallas Cat Project in progress

Great article about the Pallas Cat, our new project is still in progress, going a bit slower than we hoped for (due to third parties) but such a kind gesture by the author of this great article to mention our org and projects as well!!!! If you’ve ever wanted to […]

Up-date September 2016

Up-date September 2016

Lots of exciting moments at Wild Cats World in September 2016. To mention just a few: – On September 20th our African wildcat female Louise (daddy: Max) gave birth to two healthy kittens. Louise, like last time, is an exceptional mom and the kittens are growing fast. We kept daddy […]

Up-date WCW projects, August 2016

Up-date WCW projects, August 2016

– Sanctuary/Educationproject/leopard-and blackfooted cat conservationproject S.A.: working on successful continuation to give the cats the best life possible & to create opportunities for wild cat enthusiasts & caretakers (to-be) to be able to see these cats close and work with them for a longer period of time. Working with ambassadors […]

Welcome (serval male) Norrick!!!

Welcome (serval male) Norrick!!!

With the sad loss of Mick, Joy needed a new friend, so we are happy, today (July 4th) we could welcome our male Norrick, born 2014 at Karoo/CCT. The first introduction, both on one side of the fence, was full of interest from both sides, with the usual (serval) hiss, […]

Canned Hunting -X- Project (update June 2016)

Canned Hunting -X- Project (update June 2016)

Recently we were so fortunate to meet up with our associate Madame X and to see what an extremely wonderful life the 8 lions, rescued out of the ugly Canned Hunting Business, are having now. So we once again like to express our heartfelt feelings of gratitude and respect to […]

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The Javan Leopard project

Javan leopard Sawal

The Population estimates are not certain, but certainly less than 250 mature individuals, possibly even less than 100 (IUCN Red List).

Read about our ongoing activities and the rescue of two leopards in particular.

About Wild Cats World

Wild cats World is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered wild cats and their habitat. Our goal is to bring  global awareness to wild cats conservation issues, support field research for several species, promote world-wide education and rescue efforts to give captive cats a better life. More...

Request to farmers, villagers and anyone who has a human-wild cat (leopard, caracal, etc.) conflict, please don't kill the cat but contact us!!!

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Ambassadors Wild Cats World

  • Leopards: Feline & Félipe, Felix & Felicia, Solo & Olive
  • Cheetahs: Speedy, Spiky & Sunny
  • Black-footed Cats: Diva & Beauty
  • African wildcats: Sid & Louise, Max, Maurice
  • Servals: Joy, Norrick
  • Caracals: Leo, Nina II









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Video of the month

Amazing video of leopardbirth for WCW!!!

Wild Cats World making history. Watch here how leopard Queen Feline of WCW delivered 2 cubs in presence of WCW founder and CEO Babette de Jonge, November 4th 2015. Never in the world cubs were as welcome as here, and will have the best life possible. Filmed by Babette de Jonge, edited by Anton Buijen van Weelden for Wild Cats Films, 2015.    

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Featured Ambassador

Featured Project

The other side of the leopard

It is obvious that the leopardspecies still is far less understood,and misjudged, compared to all other species. In the wild they for sure are under threat, but also in captivity lots can be improved for the species. There’s so many studies, so-called facts or scientific documents about the leopard. To start another project is only adding when one does something completely different, trying to show the other side of the medal….So much more to the leopard as we found out already………..


When I (WCW founder/director, Babette de Jonge) saw leopards in zoos, sanctuaries or private projects, I was crying deep inside. This was one of the many reasons to start working with and for leopards, but also to not only focus on the wild (and natural habitat) of the species but also on what can be improved or learnt in captive situations. For sure the leopard isn’t going to be happy in a too small enclosure (length and hight), locked up alone (even though said to be solitary) or at times as couple or with cubs, with no enrichment and bad/irregular feeding; kept wild with no bond with the human caretaker(s). Also the other side isn’t improving their state of mind and happiness: to be cuddled and followed by humans all day, week, month, year……




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