Canned Hunting -X- Project – A personal Introduction by Madame X

Canned Hunting -X- Project – A personal Introduction by Madame X

Hi Madame X here. Babette asked to write and explain to you all, the meaning of our association & project. This photo, a lady incognito, representing my position in this project. A little background info. A singer for life, some say I’m famous, all inferior to what’s happening to the […]

In loving memory… NINA ( † 14-09-2012)

In loving memory… NINA ( † 14-09-2012)

Of course you died far too young But the memory to you is still so strong You clearly came to us for a reason We will remember you, throughout every season… Showing us who were so wrong, and who were right United we (WCW) will stand in the continuous fight […]

Tour de France

Tour de France

Wild Cats World did a small “Tour de France” on kind invitation by Parc des Félins and Zoo de Maubeuge, to talk about (wild) cats conservation. The park is of course the dream of every wild catlover, as for space and species, while Maubeuge showed us how it is possible […]

Volunteers at work

Volunteers at work

The stories of the Wild Cats World volunteers… Rutger de Lange Fiona Barnes Also see Volunteering at Wild Cats World.

Two more Canned Hunting Lions to Madame X project

Two more Canned Hunting Lions to Madame X project

There are good reasons for the lioness on the enclosed picture to have a good ‘laugh’ as we just got confirmation that 2 more lions (males, brothers) have been freed from Canned Hunting. They will have a happy life at the huge property of Madame X (in cooperation with Wild […]

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The Javan Leopard project

Javan leopard Sawal

The Population estimates are not certain, but certainly less than 250 mature individuals, possibly even less than 100 (IUCN Red List).

Read about out our ongoing activities and the rescue of two leopards in particular.

About Wild Cats World

Wild cats World is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered wild cats and their habitat. Our goal is to bring  global awareness to wild cats conservation issues, support field research for several species, promote world-wide education and rescue efforts to give captive cats a better life. More...

Request to farmers, villagers and anyone who has a human-wild cat (leopard, caracal, etc.) conflict, please don't kill the cat but contact us!!!

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  • Leopards: Feline & Félipe, Felix & Felicia
  • Cheetahs: Speedy, Spiky & Sunny
  • Black-footed Cats: Diva, Beauty & Blacky
  • African wildcats: Sid & Louise
  • Caracal: Leo
  • Serval: Joy

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 Felix (leopard)


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Cat Conservation Trust

The Cat Conservation Trust is a non-profit trust that aims to create public awareness of the plight of the small cats through research and education. CCT is situated on Clifton farm near Cradock in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The organisation focuses on the smaller African species African Wild Cat, Black-footed Cat, Caracal and Serval.


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