Expected in January 2024

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all of the best for 2024.

At the same time we like to take this opportunity to up-date you about some more rescue wildcats we are expecting at our sanctuary. Another two male servals will be on a flight from Belgium to our sanctuary in South Africa. One male coming from Rotterdam where the owner asked Natuurcentrum Opglabbeek to take him as he could not handle his illegal ‘pet’ anymore now he was fully grown.

The other serval was kept illegally in a home in Dilbeek and confiscated. Both males will be on a flight from Brussels to our sanctuary, like 3 did before them, this year. These three are fully adapted to their natural surrounding now.

Also, we were contacted by a woman from the Western Cape (SA) asking if we can take two male caracals in at the sanctuary, that she rescued from a farmer who trapped and injured them and wanted to kill them. Working on the permits now to go and get them and give them a forever
good life.

So, in the New Year we hope to be there again the best way for all resident cats and newcomers at our sanctuary.

Thanks a lot for supporting us!! Happy New Year.

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