New ambassador: African Wildcat Max

Max – African wild cat


June 2015 Max arrived at our project on a “loan” to see if he could get on well with our girls Sid and Louise. He like the other two was born at Cat Conservation Trust, Clifton/Eastern Cape.  Max sadly is prone to a stuffed nose caused by some allergy, and at times it does get a bit worse. As he is good friends with Sid and Louise, we still wanted to keep him at our project, so since October 21st, 2015 he officially is our new male ambassador for his species, the African wild cat. Needless to say our three ancestors of the domestic cats all three have pure genes and aren’t hybrids. As mixing with feral cats or domestic cats is one of the biggest threats to the healthy bloodline of the African wildcat, we decided it is badly needed to have a conservation project for them as well. Hopefully they will start breeding too, to be able to donate some back to nature, but if not we still  love keeping them for educational purposes.






Captive born

12-Sep-13, Clifton, Eastern Cape


Mother – Cleo
Felis libyca cafra
F.l.griselda x cafra “Dani” captive born, Johannesburg Zoo, Eastern Cape
F.l.cafra “Manuel” captive born Pretoria Nat Zoo


Father – Eddie
Felis Silvestris lybica
Unknown ~ May ’98

Captive born Wild care

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