R.I.P. dear (serval) Mick

Today (14/06/2016) we sadly had to let our male serval Mick go. Yesterday he was diagnosed kidney failure. The vet gave a drip with fluids to see if he would start eating/drinking again, but sadly no. As we don’t want any (unnecessary) suffering for any of our ambassadors we had only one option…..His friend, female Joy is very sad….and stressed (she knew before us something was very wrong). A new friend (male serval Norrick) will be arriving shortly for her as we don’t want her to be miserable and alone too long. The sad part of the care for animals.
“Mick was born at Honingkranz (Karoo Cat Research i.a.w. Cat Conservation Trust) 19 February 2013 as the last born in a litter of four kittens, which is exceptionally large for a serval mother, especially for a first-time mom. As he was a bit behind to the other kittens he got special care, until his mom was able to do the care again. As Mick couldn’t be released in the wild he moved to us last year June, as friend for our Joy”


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