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After the move to our new location there’s of course lots of things still to do; to organise, get things together and to improve. Most important to make a plan for the future: how to move forward from now.

We are happy to tell you all cats are happy and healthy after the big move, which was very 

exciting for them and just as much for their carers. It was a huge responsibility to keep all cats and other animals, as well as the humans, happy and healthy. Such a long-distance relocation can be very stressful. Some cats of course adapted quicker than others, but it is clear to see that it was a wonderful investment in WCW’s future for all.

We now have a true sanctuary, and without any disturbance to the animals from tourists on tours just to create income. As before we don’t offer any interaction with our animals either. We still have a volunteering program (like always, not more than 2 or max 3 volunteers at the same time). Also we very occasionally receive guests who are truly passionate about the sanctuary, our work and the animals.

We are now excited about a new agreement concerning cheetahs which will be moved to our sanctuary sometime in future. That will ensure them the stability and proper care they deserve, with no interference, interaction, or trade and breeding. They will have a permanent home in the most natural conditions. In (near) future we’ll be able to provide more info about this.

So the one thing that hasn’t changed is that we, Wild Cats World, keep doing all that’s in our power to give the best to captive born (wild) cats or rescues from the wild. To provide the best forever home for these cats in need, whether small or big. 


Orphan African wildcat kitten: Phoebe

The pretty girl you see on the photos, is Phoebe. A few weeks ago she was brought in at our sanctuary.

They found her all alone in the bush, near a lodge. There’s not many cats around this place in the bush, apart from a few African wildcats that have been sighted. As for her looks she is expected to be their offspring.

When she was brought to us she suffered from a serious blockage. We brought her to the vet who treated her twice. After that, and with the help of a special diet to prevent more future problems, she recovered completely.

Phoebe turned out to be a very pretty and feisty girl.

Goodbye Kirkwood/Eastern Cape

We made it happen after a year of hard work preparing every detail of the huge relocation. A fresh start of the officially registered Wild Cats World Sanctuary at our own new property.

Many long drives started to move all animals and other belongings to Bela Bela, Limpopo. While all animals have settled in nicely already, still more work had to be done and feral cats to be captured and rescued.

On Monday 26 April it was the last drive and so: Mission Complete!

The many enclosures we invested in on the DCP farm, will be used by DCP; new spacy and natural camps were constructed at the new place. The 9 years in the Eastern Cape have come to an end.

Time for a new chapter in the 11 years existence of Wild Cats World.

Wild Cats World Sanctuary
WCW team South Africa/new WCW Leopard sanctuary: Moze, Mariette & Elzet Mammoszer, Allison Jones & Xavier Brits.

Sponsor/adopt a Cat

Wild cats World is a non-profit organisation relying on the generosity of the (wild) cat enthusiasts. By sponsoring/Adopting a cat you will be a great support in the monthly expenses to give this particular cat (at our sanctuary in South Africa) the best life possible.

To sponsor a species is also possible. If you want to make a donation knowing every penny is going to the cats: this is your chance!!!

For each sponsoring/adoption:

  • Mention on website/big sponsors on enclosure
  • Member of the closed WCW pages on facebook Friends of/WCW leopards
  • Monthly newsletter by e-mail
  • Certificate by e-mail
  • visit to WCW
  • Various other sponsor options possible.

Write to for more info.

Sponsor/adopt a Cat - optiond

Relocation #3 to the new Wild Cats World Sanctuary

13-02-2021: Another four leopards were taken on a long one way trip to their forever home at the new WCW sanctuary. The team made sure they were well prepared for the long trip of at least 13 hours. Three farmcats went along and some materials. The planning was to also transport servals on this trip but sadly the export permit on the Eastern Cape side did take too long.

Leopard relocation

We still have many more relocations to go. WCW is making dreams come true!!!!

The African wildcats who were relocated two weeks ago took their first steps in their new outside area, and they love it!!

Relocation of cats to the new Sanctuary

We relocated our ambassador cats to the new ‘Official Wild Cats World Sanctuary’!


The first few months of this year we will be very busy relocating ambassador wild cats to the new sanctuary in Bela Bela. It is a long drive of 13 hours from the Eastern Cape to Limpopo Province. That requires lots of organising and it takes a lot of time to move everything down there.


At the new sanctuary, which will also function as the one and only Leopard Sanctuary, lots more natural space can be offered to all the cats, big and small. Our main goal remains to give them the very best of what’s in our power. Our own property with the possibility to keep on expanding is one of the reasons for the big move. Also, to give the animals a forever home. So, hopefully, this relocation will be the very last move for them!


It will be easier to live up to our mission and standards for the sanctuary:

  • No Exploitation
  • No Trade
  • No exhibition
  • No interference by humans (apart from the daily care/enrichment)
  • A forever home with the best care in every way.

See the videos at the end of this article.


So far, four leopards and five African wildcats have been relocated. And in the following weeks more to come! All have settled in nicely and do enjoy the nice and quietness of their new natural habitat.

Limited volunteering program

Carefully selected volunteers


  • Rehabilitation of small wildlife
  • Caracal and leopard projects: helping/supporting neighbouring farms to relocate caracals, leopards or any other cats (and jackals) from their farm to a more suitable place.
  • No shooting! No gin traps! No wires!

We’ll keep you updated!

Sanctuary videos

Start 2021 in the best possible way!!!!

Wild Cats World - Official Sanctuary
  • Wild Cats World can make your dreams come true!!
  • Is your life long dream to start a responsible sanctuary for South African native wild cats (big and small)? Lions, leopards, cheetahs, caracals, servals, African wildcats and/or Blackfooted cats? And to give them the best life possible?
  • Do you have a start-up capital of 30.000 (-50.000) euro?
  • Are you able to manage a non-profit place from a distance or on site, in South Africa? With your own means, staff, animals?
  • Are you able to make and maintain friendships and partnerships?
  • Are you able to or willing to preferably start today than tomorrow?
  • Do you know what we stand for as Wild Cats World and are you interested in our work?


Please contact me, at
Only serious e-mails will be taken into consideration. Please don’t make inquiries if you have to reply “no” to any of the above mentioned questions.
Please do attach a copy of your ID/Passport and a clear description why you would like to take up this challenge and why we should take you into consideration.

I am looking forward to hear from you!!!

WCW logo

Babette de Jonge
(Founder/Owner/exec. Director Wild Cats World)
Zwaluwlaan 110, 1403 BL
Registration no: 50983962
Contact no: +37 6 1679 8553

Always wanted to be really involved?

Sponsorships: Help Provide the Best Care for the small and/or big cats!

By sponsoring a small or big cat you are helping Wild Cats World to provide the very best care for all of the cats that call the sanctuary home. Sponsoring a cat by (symbolical) adoption or sponsoring a project (like the construction of camps: the bigger, the better!) is easy!!!!

The proceeds from the sponsorship program fund nutritionally balanced diets and vitamins, excellent daily care by experienced and loving caretakers, excellent veterinary care, flea/tics prevention, enrichment, support of the wild species.

For 25 euro (20 USD) a month or more you can be assured your favourite cat or species will get even better care than already is the case.

  • Choose your favourite cat or species: African wildcats, Black-footed cats, Caracals, Cheetahs, Leopards and Servals. You can also support our feral cat project or Lion project.
  • Make a monthly or yearly donation, or one-time donation sponsoring one project, like the construction of a huge camp.
  • Write to for more info about certain cats, species or projects.

On behalf of the cats we would like to thank you for deciding to join the Wild Cats World family by sponsoring a wild child or species.

Paypal –;
Our banking details: (South Africa) First National Bank Wild Cats World Sanctuary 62865321592 Branch code: 260216 Ref: Donation (Name)
Banking details (Europe): Stichting Wild Cats World ABN AMRO Bank Bussum, Netherlands IBAN NL22ABNA0517247135 BIC code of the bank is ABNANL2A

Wild Cats World is officially registered as non-profit in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Wild cat collage

Start of brand new Wild Cats World Leopard / wildcats Sanctuary, 7th November 2020

With the arrival of the first two leopards, the brand new Wild Cats World Leopard sanctuary has ‘officially’ started. Work in progress still but the arrival of these two leopards, and pretty soon another four, is a good start. All leopards will have their forever home at our sanctuary, with lots of space, the best of care, no commercial exhibitions or tours, no exploit nor trade.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions everything is going slower than we hoped for, but still great progress since the start in February 2020 with the purchase of a great piece of land to start the sanctuary.

Huge thanks to the hard work and dedication of the whole Wild Cats World team: caretakers, constructors & great team of workers, office people, attorney and owners/management. Thanks to this extended team the start of the brand new sanctuary and relocation of the first two leopards, is a FACT.

On a memorable day, 7th November 2020, on the 9th birthday of the ancestors (very first leopards we rescued) of our leopard project and wild cat sanctuary, Feline & Felix, who will eventually move down to Paradise as well!

Happy Birthday – start brand new WCW Leopard Sanctuary.

Happy 9th birthday to 2 of the most wonderful leopards in the world,
Feline & Felix, ancestors of the Wild Cats World Leopard project with
opening of the brandnew leopard sanctuary today, 7th of November 2020.
More details later about the first two leopards arriving at the brand new sanctuary.

It's always seems impossible... until it's done!

Wild Cats World sanctuary, South Africa, has been officially registered as a Non Profit Company by the South African Government.
Registration: 2020/583643/08.
Featured Ambassador

Featured Project

Pallas cat conservation

As announced on March 16 in 2017, the WCW Pallas Cat Conservation Project has become a reality.



The project could be split in two activities:

  • Help and support Zoo de Lyon to raise funds for work related to the Pallas cat Conservation in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Raise funds for the PICA project – Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance.


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