Special volunteering opportunity for longer periods

For true die-hards or genuine caretakers we in Wild Cats World have a special offer. We do offer people the chance to come and work for a longer period of time at our Spotted Cats Conservation project in South Africa. We give you the opportunity to spend time in South Africa and actually work with the amazing African wildcat species in our project, like leopards, cheetahs, servals, caracals, African wildcats and Black-footed cats, caring for them, spending time with them and learning about them, having the ultimate African experience for a longer period of time. A different way of volunteering without the extra volunteering costs.

There’s accommodation in Kirkwood (close town near our farm), room(s) for rent for a very good monthly price. It is important to ask for availability and book in advance as we can only have 2 (or max. 3) people at the same time. This opportunity is just for volunteering periods for one month and more.

For general information, see Volunteering

If you are seriously interested and want more information then please contact us!

1 thought on “Special volunteering opportunity for longer periods”

  1. I am really interested in a longer term volunteering post..I have a lot of cat experience working as vet assistant on cat trapping n neutering programs and rescuing domestic n feral cats in Spain
    ..I have lived many years in Angola n have visited South Africa, Namibia n Botswana for long safari holidays n did 3 weeks volunteering in Namibia which I enjoyed but would like to work more with cats somewhere where there only a few volunteers..
    I now live in a remote house in Southern Spain but find winter January thru March too cold!! so I am really interested in your program n look forward to you sending me more info!!


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