Welcome Max, African wildcat male

Today (July 20, 2015) we had a new arrival at WCW, “all the way” from CCT (Cat Conservation Trust), male Max arrived. He was glad to be out of the transportbox, and started exploring his new territory (or for now just part of it) straight on. Of course his mind was set on neighbourgirls Sid and Louise right away. We let them first get used to each other’s presence with fence in between, and when all goes in peace and harmony we will open up for them all to share all available space.

Max is born Feb12 2013 and he is a brother of Sid. 1-SAM_5730aWhen Sid is on heat she and her brother will be seperated of course. Biggest threat to African wildcats, the pure genes and bloodline, is hybridisation. Domestic cats are threatening the genetic integrity of the wildcats. Max, Sid and Louise all have pure wildcat genes and are no hybrids, which makes them essential ambassadors for the African wildcat species.

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