R.I.P. Kali (04-11-2015-26-12-2015)

With an incredible feeling of sadness and loss we have to inform you all that little Kali, one of the proud cubs of Feline and Felipe, no longer is with us. From what we can see and “understand” this was due to a very unfortunate incident, but not new for the agile and climbing leopards. Feline must have taken him with her (and Felicia) on the roof, and this was too high for Kali to climb on or fall off himself. Next what was seen they were all down again and inside their den, and after that the females were found distressed, Feline made Anton (WCW S.A. co-owner) see something happened in her behaviour as she was very grumpy. He for sure wasn’t dead instantly, as his neck wasn’t broken, must have been internal injuries, so it seemed they were all lying together as normal, but a bit later Feline was pacing up and down with Kali, and he appeared to be dead. Felicia probably gave her time alone as she was with Olive in the other side, and clearly sad too as she refused her dinner.

This is so unexpected and sad….but sadly nature and we do want them to give a natural life as possible….the mothers not always take decisions we understand, or they don’t realise the danger, and on the other hand incidents are happening all of the time, it is only very sad if it happens to this innocent and so very healthy cub. We now can only try our hardest not to get a repeat with Olive. This morning Feline and Olive, and also Felicia, were close to each other again, but Feline was clearly searching for Kali still.

Kali3R.I.P. little boy, we don’t know why these things have to happen in life, but you can be assured you were much loved from the start by mom Feline, “aunty” Felicia and by all of us at Wild Cats World.

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