Happy announcement

1-1070841aOn Sunday morning January 3rd, our leopard Felicia gave birth to one healthy (male) cub and we name him Solo. Felix is the proud daddy of the little boy. Sadly the birth of the second male cub didn’t go well; it was a breech birth (legs first) and sadly the cub died right after birth. We are so proud of Felicia, doing so well, her first litter and still being reasonably young. Our other female Feline, and her female cub Olive, were with her and all went fine. Felicia is doing great, grooming and feeding, cleaning herself, but we didn’t expect anything else of her.


She is a caring and patient mom and has enough milk so her little boy is growing fast. Some more educational moments arriving in our leopard conservation project. The little one is welcome and so nice for Olive if in a while she will have a new friend to play with, after the sad loss of her little brother Kali a week before.

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