Congrats to our servals Joy & Norrick: Happy Birth

1-dsc07796-001Wednesday, October 12th 2016 serval female Joy gave birth to at least 1 kitten….of course no chance to take a picture of Joy and her new-born(s) just yet. As expected she is a very protective mom. We have reason to believe there’s just one cub, but she might as well hide one or two more, as she allows poor sightings to the caretaker-team, and on top of her being a protective mom, daddy Norrick is pretty feisty and protective too, sitting close to Joy and the little one(s), like a guard. Best to let them be and we let them suprise us once they come out of the save den. it is Joy’s first litter, so always exciting to see how it goes, but so far she, like all cat mommies in our conservation projects, is an exceptional mom.1-dsc07798

In case you wonder….we indeed have (free ranging) plans for our serval kittens and some requests already, so exciting times but first (if all is meant to go well) we ENJOY!!!


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