(Feral) cats neutering & vaccination programme.

A Cat’s Project such as ours, doesn’t limit itself to the care and dedication of Wild Cats, big and small, but all cats, wherever we can help out to improve a situation, can count on our care and support. The various Overseas caretakers and volunteers joining the WCW team luckily think the same, and we are grateful to Juda for not only keeping the idea but also working the idea out to have the new lot of 8 feral cat youngsters, who turned up and lived near our cheetah camps, neutered and vaccinated. One male and 7 females who all were carrying lots of kittens already, so intervention was very necessary. Of course we, unlike many, don’t believe in the easy way out: to have the cats killed, but we believe in finding a solution by keeping the animals alive and (more) healthy!
The good thing about this programme is that this group can stay in the same territory preventing other feral cats to keep coming in, spreading diseases and keep on breeding. So the knife cuts both sides.
Credits as said to Juda as frontlady of this project, but the programme was also another piece of nice teamwork as for assisting and supporting financially. Thanks to the vets at Uitenhage Animal Clinic, Eastern Cape/S.A. for delivering a great job.


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