Come and volunteer with us

Come and volunteer with us, special Wild Cats World offer for serious and true wild cats enthusiasts (all species, also smaller ones)!!
For our sanctuary/conservationproject in S.A. we are basically looking for wild cat enthusiasts who really are interested to assist the caretakerteam for a certain period of time, to give the best care possible in every aspect to our ambassador catspecies: African wildcats, Black-footed cats, Caracals, Cheetah, Leopards and Servals.


It is possible to join us during every day or month of the year, depending on availability. Length of time from 2 weeks until (preferably) 3 months, or longer if visa permits.

We don’t charge any extra costs for our organisation, just a reasonable deposit for our own security and all bookings. The whole stay will be at your own expense, which for sure is affordable in South Africa and all depending on what you spend yourself of course.
We can offer well-priced accommodation near our project.

The daily tasks are described on this website, but if you have more questions about that or about the prices/accommodation, just feel free to contact us

If you are interested to come over please do contact us and we can look for times available, and we can start the bookings from there. We take 2 or max 3 volunteers (incl caretakers) at a time to keep the work as interesting as possble but more importantly to not disturb the cats too much, as their wellfare is only what counts for us, and so it should be for the people coming over to volunteer or work with us.

Looking forward to welcome you!!!

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