Up-date Wild Cats World Sanctuary

After the move to our new location there’s of course lots of things still to do; to organise, get things together and to improve. Most important to make a plan for the future: how to move forward from now.

We are happy to tell you all cats are happy and healthy after the big move, which was very 

exciting for them and just as much for their carers. It was a huge responsibility to keep all cats and other animals, as well as the humans, happy and healthy. Such a long-distance relocation can be very stressful. Some cats of course adapted quicker than others, but it is clear to see that it was a wonderful investment in WCW’s future for all.

We now have a true sanctuary, and without any disturbance to the animals from tourists on tours just to create income. As before we don’t offer any interaction with our animals either. We still have a volunteering program (like always, not more than 2 or max 3 volunteers at the same time). Also we very occasionally receive guests who are truly passionate about the sanctuary, our work and the animals.

We are now excited about a new agreement concerning cheetahs which will be moved to our sanctuary sometime in future. That will ensure them the stability and proper care they deserve, with no interference, interaction, or trade and breeding. They will have a permanent home in the most natural conditions. In (near) future we’ll be able to provide more info about this.

So the one thing that hasn’t changed is that we, Wild Cats World, keep doing all that’s in our power to give the best to captive born (wild) cats or rescues from the wild. To provide the best forever home for these cats in need, whether small or big. 


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