Javan leopard release program – Update April 2014

On ground level they are still working hard to make the release of the wild leopards Sawal and Dimas a fact. Sadly things in Indonesia are not going fast, as you can expect of a country with an attitude “if not today, there’s always tomorrow!” But currently there’s a meeting with Ciremai National Park to … Read more

Dr. Laurie Marker in London and the Netherlands

CHEETAH CONSERVATION FUND (CCF) Laurie Marker (CCF) in the Netherlands Tuesday, February 18th 2014 Laurie Marker, the ambassador of the cheetah from Namibia, will have a presentation about her work as founder/director of Cheetah Conservation Fund for the endangered cheetah. It will take place in Leeuwarden, Van Hall Institute, 19h15. Everybody who has a heart for the cheetah with a wish … Read more

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